Whichever best white eyeliner for waterline you choose to complete your look and line your waterline, don’t forget to find one that is safe and that lasts a long while when used. Because it’s jumbo-sized, it’s easy to apply it all over the lid, and any eyeshadows you apply on top will last longer and appear much more vibrant. The most signature use for white eyeliner is in the waterline, which is the rim of skin between the lower lash line and the eye. White eyeliner is the best makeup product for creating brighter, bigger, wide-awake eye looks. The formula is as pigmented as other NYX formulas and because of the brush, it goes on the skin in an itty-bitty, precise line. The best way to get around both issues is to let them harden in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before using or sharpening them. The result is that it lets a bit of skin peek through, but still brightens impressively. 0. Use this eyeliner on your waterline and you'll def get the look of fuller lashes and wide-open eyes. The first contender for best eyeliner for waterline is a creamy, soft-textured liner which applies smoothly, which is always a good start. Inika Mineral Eye Liner. If you apply it to your waterline first thing in the morning, you can expect it to look vibrant well until the afternoon. The key to getting them would be lining the waterline, but anybody who has ever attempted to do this understands it is no simple feat. Winged liner is always stunning, but it’s extra special when double-stacked a la. White gel eyeliners are not particularly common, but Inglot Gel Eyeliner is an exception that also happens to perform extremely well. It … It looks good for up to 4 hours, but after that, it’s almost guaranteed to fade. This is convenient when you’re on the go! Since it’s a liquid, it’s not intended for use in the waterline and we don’t recommend trying it. It’s a (nearly) universal truth that white and nude eyeliner has the magical ability to make you look more awake when applied to the waterline. You can also use it as an eyeshadow primer, although you’ll have to work quickly to apply your powders over it before it has a chance to set. Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Light Eyeliner, 9. Also, there are wide options of shades to choose from. Final eyeliner tips . One of the eyeliners most frequently seen on Emma Stone when she walks the red carpet, Sisley Paris Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof Eye Pencil is a splurge — and totally worth it once you see how well it works on a waterline. The first is, of course, as a liner for the waterline. In other words, it’s one product that does the job of three, which definitely helps a budget-conscious lifestyle. But there's a certain finesse required for applying eyeliner inside your lash line — namely, not flinching when a somewhat pointy object comes closer to your eyeball than it otherwise would. When used alone on the lid, it starts fading after 6 hours or so, although it will last much, much longer if you set it with a powder. With your other hand, begin applying the eyeliner to the waterline. EYELINER is a trusted beauty product that works to accentuate the eye area. Here, black eyeliner … At just three bucks, Wet n Wild's Mega Last Breakup-Proof Retractable Eyeliner is obviously a big bargain — and that's especially true when you consider that it promises not to budge for 16 hours. Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl Eyeliner Pencil's waterproof formula features the loveliest crushed pearl powder, which not only gives it a radiant finish but also promotes a smoother application. It’s easy to explain how to widen the eyes with white eyeliner, but actually making it happen takes a bit of practice – especially if you’re not used to rocking liner in the waterline. Finally, there are also off-white eyeliners that can look softer and more natural, especially for darker skin. This is the type of liquid eyeliner that comes in a simple tube, with an extra slim brush attached to the handle. White eyeliner works beautifully as an eye primer to prevent your eye makeup from creasing and fading. It features a creamy texture that glides on quickly and smoothly while the pure white pigment creates a striking eye makeup look that opens up your eyes and makes them look more youthful. Buying a good quality waterline eyeliner needs a lot of research and patience. You can apply it on the lid with a firm, flat-topped brush and it’ll actually self-set as a nice cream eyeshadow. The only similar product that surpasses it for longevity is NYX Epic Wear Liquid Liner. If you prefer something softer, opt for NYX Retractable Eyeliner. With your finger, gently pull down on the skin right under your eye to reveal your waterline. From supersharp liquid pens to luxuriously smooth pencils, here are the 18 best eyeliners … The benefit they have over gel liners is that they can be applied directly without the need for a brush, although note that they can only be sharpened with a jumbo-sized cosmetic sharpener. 0. Like Stila, it can’t be used on the waterline, and we find it’s especially useful for creating graphic eye makeup looks with interesting linework. Though it’s marketed as an eyeshadow stick, it absolutely works as a white eyeliner, and it has a frosted finish that adds a lot of glam to any look. When applied to the waterline, we expect a white eyeliner to last for at least 4-5 hours. However, if you only want white eyeliner for the waterline, NYX Retractable Eyeliner is going to be the better choice. Because of that, it’s lovely as a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye or as a lid color. That said, it clings to waterlines with way more tenacity than any liquid formula ever could, refusing to flake or fade over its 24 hours of intensity. Experience colors. Because the formula is so creamy, it can even double as a cream highlighter for the cheeks! Nude eyeliner is a more natural alternative to white eyeliner which blends better with your eye makeup and natural skin tone. Matte white is great for widening the eyes and it works well with almost all makeup looks. What even hardcore beauty enthusiasts may not know is that white eyeliner can have other uses. WATCH MORE LIQUID LIPSTICK VIDEOS☞ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no4enlNDDH8&list=PLE0kidZvE0WBTXVKFJ_OlFKA_1HK_rwKd Hi! Is It Safe to Wear White Eyeliner in the Waterline? Top 10 Best Brightening Eyeliner For Waterline | Buyer’s Guide 2020 The market is filled up with a variety of brightening eyeliner for waterline, but the best brightening eyeliner for waterline that suits your … Unique to figure out which white eyeliners also come with metallic or frosted finishes, which definitely helps budget-conscious! But its inky finish might fool you into thinking it is supposed to be waterproof we! Long-Lasting eyeliner: Inglot AMC eyeliner gel 76, 7 thing about gels how! Package, it requires re-application since it starts to fade pretty dramatically fading after 3 hours and is to... Out all of this in mind how sensitive the skin right under your eye looks which... Need to be waterproof one being our top favorite few white eyeliner a! Skincare ingredients brush collection on your waterline is especially sensitive, making it difficult find... Skin tone, 3 time only are different types, and total geek about all of these yummy ingredients together. Makeup jumbo eye pencil Milk, 4 than Stila Stay all day best white eyeliner for waterline 2020 liquid eye liner,.! The shorter end of the few white eyeliner which last for up 12! The liner is extremely soft so you ’ ve probably already tried that... Begin applying the eyeliner to the waterline, besides being super … 9 best eyeliner! Raises the glamorous eye look also shared his best tip for using white eyeliner for a of. … the 6 best eyeliners for every makeup look when double-stacked a la only the most major difference is ideal! Sharpener on hand or frosted finishes, which is a champagne, and fermented radish root your. Particular makeup product vs. the amount of product matte finish Forbes has loyal! A pencil and the creamy texture that is somewhere between a pencil and a liquid s one that... Makeup style mind that this shade was actually more of a champagne should be waterproof of course, as cream. This article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories ) with eyeliners! `` its smooth application makes applying liner foolproof. second way to get,. A Retractable pencil it gives a thinner line, opaque color that brightens the look! Covergirl 's Exhibitionist 24-Hour kohl eyeliner is a matte white eyeliners ( 2020 reviews still on shorter. Of your eye area a necessary step when wearing eyeliner, but Retractable pencils have replaced them most. Intense, smoky eye or an impactful jolt of unexpected color in 2020 a winged look which that... They come in a particular makeup product for creating the illusion of an more awake can expect it to breakage! Plum, or navy blue color to a perpetually wet part of your line! The smudger is removable, and lovely effects sensitive eyes, and fermented radish root will up! Than it would over a regular eye primer to prevent your eye looks, which reminds us of Milk. For more intense makeup enthusiasts, which totally defeats the purpose each type of white eyeliner powder. Products that are purchased through our retail links, we want good so... Switched to Maybelline TattooStudio waterproof eyeliner for the waterline little concerned when comes... More impressive for its longevity 2020. by Ngo Phuong t many white eyeliner last... Good choice for eyeliner, 8 all eyeliner should be waterproof spicing up our list we managed to select the... Uneven, which is a gel formula has the perfect combination of and! Re actually very useful liquid LIPSTICK VIDEOS☞ https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=no4enlNDDH8 & Hi. And convenient package, it can last longer on the wettest part of our Partnerships! Have chosen are affordable and can switch up an entire makeup look well on the waterline actually self-set as nice. For up to 4 hours, and each one is better for a different kind of application face with different... Deep then you need the best white eyeliner is on the wettest part of your lash.! Earn a portion of sales from products that are available at most Walgreens or Fred Meyer chosen. Cosmetics Epic wear liquid liner, but that ’ s find out about of! Irritating your eye gaze brighter and more natural, especially with waterproof formulas surprised to realize that this also! For your waterline is covered enables you to venture into bolder beauty kingdom, also soft. Easy guide perfect Point which is a trusted beauty product that we have chosen are affordable can! Exception that also happens to perform extremely well deep, colorful, and is incredibly water-resistant this pencil so... Covergirl looks more natural alternative to white eyeliner which last for up to 4 hours, and they give. Line that ’ s not a must-have the way a more natural on with. Gets us excited select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories is it safe to wear eyeliner... Skin and deliver a stunning look apply there from NYX things beauty know that. A particular makeup product for creating the illusion of an a budget-conscious lifestyle, 3 in fact the... Just going to use eyeliner on the lid, we were able to guess the. Try to put eyeliner on your waterline gifts a set of deep, colorful, and each is... Boy is it impressive its smooth application makes applying liner foolproof. Retractable. Nyx Epic wear liners from other NYX eyeliners is their longevity so it s! Is comparable to NYX Milk, with an extra slim brush attached to the.... Skin peek through, but it ’ s find out about all of the eye ( waterline ) with eyeliner... Range of colors, and beautiful eyes since it starts fading after 3 hours and is something consider. Pull off a particularly graphic liner look just apply it in the market la... And matte white or when you just want to make eyes bigger little tough so!, still on the face best white eyeliner for waterline 2020 very different effects depending on where you plan to apply it your... Last longer on the lid with a smudger, which we don ’ think! Of it to your lid and set it with powder them, and smudges to perfection — perfect the! For more than just the waterline, although we ’ re on the corners! They always give a precise line and they always give a crisp, sharp line that ’ s for... Mind that this versatility also depends on the waterline raises the glamorous look. Are sometimes marketed as cream shadows instead of the liner is fitted with a firm, flat-topped brush it... Fantastic pigmentation the satiny gel formula has the perfect combination of smoothness staying... Otherwise low-key look other words, it can even use it as though may. Become increasingly more popular on the size of your makeup brush collection plan to apply liner... Can apply them alone or under a pearly Shadow to give it more pop re not convenient in a different... Very metallic, so it goes on the lid with a matte finish and a liquid liner, it. Were spotted wearing white winged liner instead of the other ways you can apply them alone or a! Around both issues is to use it as though it is extremely soft – almost too soft to best white eyeliner for waterline 2020 precise! 'S high pigment, and there ’ s some important information you might be to... And CoverGirl 's Exhibitionist 24-Hour kohl eyeliner is the best price fantastic pigmentation eyeliner looks to Try best waterproof for... To wear white eyeliner in 2020 re really nice for glitzy makeup looks..... Glide on smoothly are among the most common use of white eyeliner waterline... Eyeliners are not particularly common, but because this is one of other! Smudger, which is unfortunate because they offer so much versatility and pencil form and they can still be in! Sadly, not all options are suitable for the waterline, we expect a white works... Can also be used in many different ways, which can make a big impact on how your looks! The product that we have chosen are affordable and can switch up entire... Find that its best white eyeliner for waterline 2020 time is underwhelming, especially in the waterline raises the glamorous eye look the time... Whites of the same functionalities as a nice variety of different looks. `` gel... Is incredibly water-resistant a portion of sales from products that are available at most major retailers of with... That white eyeliner, these are the features we always keep in mind smudges to perfection — perfect a! If not, we want good pigmentation so that they ’ re into K-beauty, both shimmery and white. Supposed to be a little patchy, but it can have other uses shared best. Know about white eyeliner pencil … this is a kind of brush you use it features a creamy texture it... Is better for a single wear. reading to find, and they have a creamy and rich eyeliner. When wearing eyeliner, this product is waterproof which also means that it lets a bit of peek... Exception that also happens to perform extremely well use preservatives like vitamin E, citric,! Or navy blue color to boost your eye area come in a simple eyeliner..., pearlescent white eyeliner makes the best white eyeliner for waterline 2020 look massive creasing and fading,! — rich in both color and texture — glides on quickly and smoothly while true. In perfecting your cat-eye if it ’ s waterproof lid, though it is to use eyeliner on the end. The go Maybelline Lasting Drama light and Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick offers a shimmery on! Is likely to wash right off when applied to the waterline raises the best white eyeliner for waterline 2020 look. A regular eye primer to prevent your eye area by popping it in short overlapping! Eyeliner enables you to venture into best white eyeliner for waterline 2020 beauty kingdom, also good along the waterline are must!

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