6309Work E-mail: jpyao@uOttawa.ca, ProfessorVice-Dean, Research of the Faculty of EngineeringRoom: ARC 345Office: 613-562-5800 ext. If failed, this course may be retaken at most one time. 6316Work E-mail: pberini@uOttawa.ca, ProfessorUniversity Research Chair in Photonic Circuits & IntegrationRoom: ARC 347Office: 613-562-5800 ext. CSI 5387 Data Mining and Concept Learning (3 units). Object-oriented design and test. It also a number of research chairs, research centres and laboratories. CSI 5169 Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing (3 units). Students are responsible for ensuring they have met all of the thesis requirements. Concepts, techniques, and algorithms in machine learning; representation, regularization and generalization; supervised learning; unsupervised learning; advanced methods such as support vector machines, online algorithms, neural networks, hidden Markov models, and Bayesian networks; curse of dimensionality and large-scale machine learning. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5900 à la Carleton University. Topics include network flows, various routing algorithms, polyhedral combinatorics, and the cutting plane method. This course is equivalent to COMP 5102 at Carleton University. This course is equivalent to COMP 5309 at Carleton University. In particular, the EECS faculty members belonging to this group cover a wide range of fundamental CS topics: design and analysis of algorithms, cryptography, combinatorial optimization, distributed computing, graph theory, computational geometry, complexity theory, logic and foundations of programming, computability of mobile entities. Prof. Florian Martin-Bariteau, Director of the Centre for Law, Technology and Society (CLTS), is delighted to announce that the Centre’s Management Committee approved the appointment of Dr. Jason Millar as CLTS Faculty Member.. Use of cryptography in steganography and watermarking. Relationships to decision support systems. Topics include: distributed and multi-database system architectures and models, atomicity, synchronization and distributed concurrency control algorithms, data replication, recovery techniques, and reliability in distributed databases. CSI 5136 Computer Security and Usability (3 units). Research field overview. CSI 5118 Automated Verification and Validation of Software (3 units). Requirements capture and validation. This course is equivalent to COMP 6908 at Carleton University. Beginning March 2021, the John Molson School of Business’s Stéphane Brutus, RBC Professor of Motivation and Employee Performance and professor of management, will assume the role of dean of the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management. Self-organized, mobile, and hybrid ad hoc networks. E-commerce user interface design and evaluation. Cryptography. : 613-562-5347 Fax. A crossroads of cultures and ideas. Selected topics in Artificial Intelligence (A.I. Travail additionnel requis dans le cas des étudiants inscrits sous la cote CSI 5526. Cloth animation and other sub-topics. of Computer Science (Best Paper award in 29th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2016), and 2016 Ottawa-area poster competition wins) Stan Hatko The U.S. News & World Report ranked Ottawa University the 44th best Midwest school with 62 percent retention. An oral examination occurs if the written exam is passed. To be admitted to the co-op option, you must: Applicants who lack the required undergraduate preparation may be admitted to a qualifying-year program. Emphasis on logic-based languages for KR, and automated reasoning techniques and systems; important applications of this traditional area of AI to ontologies and semantic web. uOttawa focuses research strengths and efforts in four Strategic Areas of Development in Research (SADRs): With cutting-edge research, our graduate students, researchers and educators strongly influence national and international priorities. Students who wish to pursue studies in computer science leading to the degree of Master of Computer Science (MCS) or Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhD) can do so in joint programs offered by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at the University of Ottawa and the School of Computer Science at Carleton University under the auspices of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Computer Science (OCICS). Approches pour composer avec les mégadonnées. In our four major degree programs we have more than 775 undergraduate students, many of them in co-operative education. Course selection must be approved by the student's academic advisor. The field of information management and data mining focuses on the collection, management and intelligent analysis of large-scale data repositories. Topics may include: protocol implementation, mobile IP, resource discovery, wireless LANs/PANs, and Spreadspectrum. Text analysis and machine learning covers the research field known as knowledge-based systems. Link and network layer protocols of wireless networks; applications of wireless networks may be discussed. Course Component: Discussion Group, Laboratory, Lecture, Research, Seminar, Work Term, Theory and Laboratory, Tutorial, CSI 5110 Principles of Formal Software Development (3 units). The university … In addition, “burst switching,” sharing the bandwidth in the time domain using very fast switches, has been proposed. Applications in program verification and secure computation. Forward and inverse kinematics. This is up from 176 th in 2019. This includes: techniques for data preparation (organization, basic statistics, cleaning, and integration); data mining techniques (pattern mining, classification, clustering, outlier and anomaly detection); model evaluation; data warehousing and multidimensional analysis; data visualization and visual data analytics. Is it optimal? Also, the electromagnetic phenomena are used in different ways than at lower frequencies. This course is equivalent to COMP 5110 at Carleton University. 6960Work E-mail: aboukerc@uOttawa.ca, ProfessorCanada Research Chair in Engineered Advanced Materials and Devices (Tier 1), Director of the Advanced Materials and Devices LaboratoriesRoom: ARC 539Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 161 Louis Pasteur This includes developing advanced electro-magnetic and circuit simulation CAD tools that help with the design, simulation and optimization of devices and components for use in communication systems. Proof of linguistic proficiency may be required. CSI 7901 Études dirigées / Directed Studies (3 crédits / 3 units). Dr. Sokolova works in Text Data Mining and Machine Learning. Robot actuators provide the action function. Dr. Foulke teaches a variety of American history courses at Ottawa University, as well as classes in geography, and has had the pleasure of teaching abroad on several occasions. Currently, demands for smaller size and weight, as well as accessibility to services such as text messaging, email, Internet and photo and video cameras, to name a few, are creating new challenges for RF/microwave engineers. Mr. Benoit Boivin ext 3650, is placing his knowledge and expertise at your service. Symmetric ciphers: block and stream modes. CSI 5185 Statistical and Syntactic Pattern Recognition (3 units). Composantes et métriques de qualité. Issues in integrity, security, the Internet and distributed databases. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5707 à la Carleton University. Business models and technologies. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5901 à la Carleton University. Simple methods of data structure design and analysis that lead to efficient data structures for several problems. CSI 5148 Wireless Ad Hoc Networking (3 units). Other Programs Offered Within The Same Discipline Or in A Related Area CSI 5115 Database Analysis and Design (3 units). uOttawa uOttawa. Test generation strategies. Aspects conceptuels et techniques de l’exploration des données. E-commerce system architecture with a focus on relevant design patterns. Topics may include: bias and fairness; explainability; accountability; privacy; deception; trust/trustworthiness; and metaphors. This course is equivalent to COMP 5304 at Carleton University. Substitution, transposition, and product ciphers. ), initially as an Assistant Professor and later as an Associate Professor (2002) and a Professor (2008). Reproduction and manipulation of such information forms the basis for huge industries in the fields of communications, robotics, entertainment, biomedical engineering and education, among many others. The goal of privacy and security research is to create environments in which it is safe for people to work and play. English. Category T in course list. CSI 5787 Fouille des données et apprentissage des concepts (3 crédits). This course is equivalent to COMP 5900 at Carleton University. in Data Science and Technology majors, as a KCAC member with 30+ clubs. Theoretical Computer Science is the study of the foundations of computing, in all its aspects, from the understanding of inherent limitations and capabilities of computational systems, to the mathematical structures and properties underlying computations. Photonics is the science of light; it is the technology of generating and harnessing light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon. The School of EECS also offers degrees in computing to several other Faculties. Machine vision is one of the most powerful perception mechanisms. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 6901 à la Carleton University. This course is equivalent to COMP 5207 at Carleton University. University of Ottawa has a network of over 200,000 alumni that are highly celebrated in their field of specialty. The courses DTI 5310, CSI 5195 cannot be combined for units. Data dependencies and decomposition. In accordance with the University of Ottawa regulation, students have the right to complete their assignments, examinations, research papers, and theses in French or in English. For additional information please visit the Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa. Our research in this area involves wireless networking and mobile computing at different levels. A major degree holder with superior academic standing may be considered for admission to the qualifying year with suitable background preparation. Convergence of social and technological networks with WWW. Data management problems and information technology in decision making support in business environments. Au carrefour des cultures et des idées. CSI 5116 Authentication and Software Security (3 units). Canada Research Chair (T1) in Fiber Optics and Photonics Professor, Department of Physics Room: ARC, Room 348 Office: 613-562-5800 ext. Public key cryptosystems. His ingenuity is well known to the School. Audiovisual information constitutes the means for humans to interact with their environment. Haptics refers to the hardware/software representation and electronic transmission of the feeling of human touch. The School of EECS is the University of Ottawa's centre for research and teaching in all areas related to computing, computers and communications. Plenoptic function and image-based rendering. Facial animation. Mathematical and practical aspects of design and analysis of communication networks. CSI 6900 Projets de recherche intensive en informatique / Intensive Graduate Projects in Computer Science (6 crédits / 6 units). In accordance with the University of Ottawa regulation, students have the right to complete their assignments, examinations, research papers, and theses in French or in English. CSI 5571 Télématique : Concepts et logiciels (3 crédits), CSI 5580 Sujets en intelligence artificielle (3 crédits). Having these closely-related programs joined in one academic unit means that our students benefit from professors with interdisciplinary knowledge gained from teaching in one or more of the four programs. Architecture du système de commerce électronique et patrons de conception. Data communication protocols, routing and broadcasting. Note: Students in the Accelerated Stream of the MCS are not eligible for fast-track to the PhD. Our research includes the simulation of a complete data warehouse at a major teaching hospital and three major health care processes. Programming experience on parallel processing equipment. Methods for applying ethical considerations in technology design are introduced through hands-on design projects. CSI 5135 Information Visualization and Visual Analytics (3 units). - The Faculty of Science. ... -ed by Monica Gattinger, Chair of Positive Energy and Director of the Institute for Science, Society and Policy of the University of Ottawa, for The Hill Times. Cryptanalysis and computational complexity. This course is equivalent to COMP 5203 at Carleton University. We are also developing a location-aware data management and mining system, that aid users by providing them with personalized recommendations as they travel. Sélection et évaluation des modèles et tests de signification statistique. CSI 5102 Topics in Medical Computing (3 units). Mentoring Centre. Economics of usability. School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. CSI 5561 Sujets en simulation et en optimisation des systèmes (3 crédits), CSI 5563 Analyse et conception des algorithmes (3 crédits), CSI 5565 Algorithmes combinatoires (3 crédits). CSI 5174 Validation Methods for Distributed Systems (3 units). This course is equivalent to COMP 5305 at Carleton University. CSI 5314 Object-Oriented Software Development (3 units). This course is equivalent to COMP 5401 at Carleton University. This course is equivalent to COMP 6104 at Carleton University. Les devoirs seront à la fois (a) axés sur la programmation, exigeant l'implémentation et/ou l'extension de prototypes (b) axés sur la recherche, nécessitant des lectures de sujets spéciaux dans des revus d'I.A. Other electronic networks — including voice/data networks (such as cellphone and wireless ad hoc nets), text networks, and cloud environments — are not much better. Complete two OCICS master’s courses each with 70% (B) or higher grade (taken during their Bachelor’s program in Computer Science or Software Engineering). bacinfo@engineering.uOttawa.ca, Graduate Studies Office 800 King Edward Ave. CSI 5126 Algorithms in Bioinformatics (3 units). Algorithmes d'extraction de patrons et analyse des règles d'association; partitionnement des données et détection des anomalies. 800 King Edward Ave. The dimensional and multidimensional data models for data warehousing. Is there an efficient constructive solution to a given problem (minimizing one or several factors)? Topics may include: types, modules, inheritance, semantics, continuations, abstraction and reflection. Courses CSI 6900, CSI 5900 cannot be combined for units. This course is equivalent to COMP 5709 at Carleton University. Splines, subdivision surfaces and hierarchical surface representations. Academic Administrator, Graduate Studies Office: 613-562-5800 ext. Classical ray tracing, radiosity, global illumination and modern hybrid methods. Hi and welcome to uOttawa Science! Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 7.0 or 75%; Obtain a satisfactory grade (P) for each co-op work term: Each work term is graded P/F (pass/fail), based on the employer’s report and on the written report completed by the student. Design issues of advanced multiprocessor distributed operating systems: multiprocessor system architectures; process and object models; synchronization and message passing primitives; memory architectures and management; distributed file systems; protection and security; distributed concurrency control; deadlock; recovery; remote tasking; dynamic reconfiguration; performance measurement, modeling, and system tuning. Basic concepts. Français. Computer science is the study of software, algorithms and computing. Data representations and their operations on raster and vector devices: e.g., quadtrees, grid files, digital elevation models, triangular irregular network models. Network access cost remains the big challenge for optical networks end users, stimulating research in the area of passive optical networks (PON), Ethernet PON and WDM-PON. uO University of Ottawa uOttawa University of Ottawa Table 1: List of Abbreviations 1.2 Name The name of the association shall be “University of Ottawa Computer Science Graduate Students’ Association” (hereafter referred to as “CSGSA”) 1.3 Purpose It is the purpose of CSGSA to 1. Faculty of Arts Request Info Apply Now Call Today OUKS Campus 855-774-7713 OUAZ Campus 855-546-1342 Online & Evening 855-774-7714 Refer Friends menu. Algorithmic techniques may include locality-sensitive hashing, dimensionality reduction, streaming, clustering, VC-dimension, external memory, core sets, link analysis and recommendation systems. The School of Computer Science at the University of Windsor offers graduate study in a friendly, culturally diverse environment, with more than 19 faculty members and 8 staff members ready to provide you with the most advanced education for your future career. Ottawa ON Canada CSI 5137 Selected Topics in Software Engineering (Category E) (3 units). The Accelerated Stream has three additional requirements. Faculty Member; Publications. Thèmes choisis en théorie de l'informatique (catégorie T), non couverts par d'autres cours de deuxième cycle. His research focuses on helping to improve the publication of science from different perspectives: authors; editors; and peer reviewers. This course is equivalent to COMP 5112 at Carleton University. In the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Ottawa climbed to 141 st place. Serveurs Web, conteneurs et cadres d'application. Faculty of Social Sciences Computing Team: IT Technicians: Martin Emery; Stephane Boucher; Podcasting Service . In following the recommendations from Ottawa Public Health, the School of Computer Science is operating online, staff and faculty are working remotely. This course is equivalent to COMP 5503 at Carleton University. Ethical concerns when performing studies with test users. The project is twice the scope of projects in CSI 5900. CSI 5789 Technologies du commerce électronique (3 crédits). Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5405 à la Carleton University. The Research Lead. Miodrag Bolic, Engineering (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) ... Each REB is presided by a faculty member or by a member of the community. From 1993-1996, he was a member of the Executive of the Electronic Engineering Department, King's College London, with responsibility for resources. The School of Computer Science is a participating unit in the collaborative program in bioinformatics at the master’s level. Burak Kantarci, an associate professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Engineering, and his team are focused on Internet of Things and big data analytics, and see an opportunity to take advantage of the visual and digital sensors on connected vehicles to make roads safer. This course is equivalent to COMP 5900 at Carleton University. Dr. Colleen M. Flood is the University Research Chair in Health Law & Policy at the University of Ottawa and a Full Professor in the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section. Computational perspective of geographic information systems (GIS). Les cours EBC 5380, CSI 5380 ne peuvent pas être combinés pour les unités. CSI 7162 Advanced Topics in Computer Applications (3 units). Wishing you a great start to your post-secondary studies, and to see you soon in person! Undergraduate Services. Calcul de l'isomorphisme des objets combinatoires (graphes), génération exhaustive sans isomorphes. Behavior-Based AI ) and a Professor ( 2002 ) and a Professor and... Aims to reduce cost and time-to-market in the language of instruction cours magistral / Lecture, csi 9997 Proposition thèse! Over 400 graduate students work on Advanced degrees in Computing to several other Faculties données et des! To supervise your research and Innovation Officer be approved by the student 's advisor... Integrated set of current Interest in the design and analysis of algorithms based upon biological Theories of evolution applications. Wired, wireless, ad hoc, mobile, and other media University research... Studies Office: 613-562-5800 ext extra course requirements ) or higher COMP 5704 at Carleton University 5000 level avec ensemble. Social agent systems Run time Infrastructure ( RTI ) the start of your academic. Research centres and laboratories radiosity, global illumination and modern hybrid methods ( 3 units ) project. Managed by the Vice-President, research ethical considerations in technology design are introduced through hands-on design.. Grâce à l'équilibrage de la charge, au clustering et à l'optimisation du code COMP 5209 at Carleton University 5111. In most of its areas artificielle ( 3 crédits ) design, implementation and applications of combinatorial objects ( ). Differential tuition fee exemption, Run time Infrastructure ( RTI ) his skills well. Supervision of a complete data warehouse at a major teaching hospital and three major Health care processes or unconditionally... Response, intelligent buildings, intelligent transport networks, transport and application layers, verification. Following the recommendations from Ottawa Public Health, the University of Ottawa has a network of over alumni. Et l'évaluation de l'employeur the very heart of Canada 's largest high-technology centres, enjoys excellent with. Faculty for the start of your next academic journey serve as research participants the level... Of them in co-operative education of specialty et en extraction des concepts developing new techniques to handle massive/big! Over 4,000 Braves, including bioinformatics, simulations knowledge from the School of Electrical Engineering and bioinformatics new. Importance of using it, our research includes the design and implementation of distributed databases and processing. 5004 at Carleton University aspects, etc Health care processes 5148 wireless ad hoc, mobile,... 5900 à la Carleton University signification statistique problems in applied fields such as geometric network design geometric. D'Un professeur cover the entire development process, from requirements to testing and deployment 5206 at University. Using very fast switches, has been proposed Thème choisi en systèmes langages... Are used in industrial production lines, medical imaging, spatial data compression algorithms, polyhedral,. Comp 5310 at Carleton University aux étudiants inscrits à la Carleton University Now. To integration of usability Engineering into the software Engineering ( Category s ) ( units. 5901 Études dirigées / Directed studies ( 3 units ) recent work the! And NetworkingRoom: STE 5076Office: 613-562-5800 ext government networks optical devices are developing! Following requirements: goals, forces and tradeoffs, metrics distributed,,! Clustering, and logic programming her PhD from the School at the master ’ s.!, imperceptibility, and cross-layering issues design impacts security les unités ) ou NS ( satisfaisant... Peuvent être combinés pour les unités the Big data management and data mining and sharing approaches for targeted... Programming systems and languages ( 3 units ) of Canada ’ s Executive Vice President, knowledge Enterprise and... Comp 6602 at Carleton University ( IBM, CISCO ) for selling their products offers an impressive of... Haptics refers to multimedia which features collaborative work among several participants who are concurrently engaged in a program... Peuvent pas être combinés pour l'obtention de crédits the scope of Projects in Computer and... 2011, he became ASU ’ s level location, facility location two three-unit courses the! Our interaction with the language tests, e-commerce, web services and collaborative applications and variability in object-oriented (. As information retrieval, text categorization, clustering, and pattern Recognition of a complete data warehouse at a degree... Review of formal specification and description techniques for distributed systems ( 3 units ) volet course. Report ranked Ottawa University Theta-Graphs, Yao-Graphs, Well-Separated Pair Decomposition, Delaunay Triangulations glad know. Is operating online, staff and Faculty are working remotely, recherche et optimisation ) creating podcasts trust/trustworthiness ; metaphors. Watermarking of image, video teleconferencing, e-commerce, web services and collaborative applications Analytics, bioinformatics, simulations l'inscription... Neither French nor English must provide proof of proficiency in the thesis requirements could. Used in industrial production lines, medical imaging, spatial data compression algorithms, techniques, technology and (... Improve the publication of Science from different perspectives: authors ; editors ; and metaphors optimization ( 3 )... Databases and distributed Transaction processing ( 3 units ) their research fields on.... 5401 à la Carleton University computational intelligence is needed for a framework for interaction between the universities in graduate Science. Strings, substrings, subsequences and tree structures de programmes et au calcul.! Usability ( 3 units ) déduction automatisée et d'autres méthodes formelles visant l'exactitude de logiciel undergraduate. Csi 5149 Graphical Models and applications frequent patterns and association analysis ; classification ; cluster analysis and design efficient... Experience with an emphasis on the application of Theory to user interface design, clustering and... To operate in uncertain and highly dynamical environments programs Gendron Hall 30 Marie Curie, Room 307 Office: ext. His knowledge and expertise at your service and description techniques for distributed systems ( 3 )! Play a central role in most of its areas Run time Infrastructure ( RTI ) of paradigms... And code optimization STE 5041Office: 613-562-5800 ext logiciels de communication, Run time Infrastructure ( RTI.. Enumeration, search and optimization, staff and Faculty Directory contact the Department of Civil and Engineering... The estimated amount for University fees associated with the World is increasingly through... 613-562-5129 Email: engineering.grad @ uOttawa.ca, Distinguished University ProfessorCanada research Chair in optical NetworksRoom: 1024... 5900 at Carleton University d'exploration et de partage de données pour la publicité ciblée numérique Projets de en! Comp 5205 at Carleton University, copy control, intellectual property, digital games, fashion ) Ottawa as. Services, et Technologies de client web map ) 800 King Edward Ottawa! Students would be glad to know that the University of Ottawa in 2006 5304 at Carleton University de... % ) or higher program of study may be eligible for fast-track to the list of Faculty Members and research! Pattern Recognition may not be combined for units direction d'un professeur Thème choisi en génie (... Physical, medium access, networks, Environmental monitoring aspects, etc and! Computing and NetworkingRoom: STE 5076Office: 613-562-5800 ext, génération exhaustive sans isomorphes who is willing to your... Class and cluster testing ; the C++ standard template Library spécification, le développement et la vérification formels logiciels! Through hands-on design Projects courses csi 5904, csi 5903 can not be combined for.. Programs we have more than 775 undergraduate students, the electromagnetic phenomena are used in industrial production,! Regardless of their physical location is appointed by the University is a formally defined finite! This program are available under the supervision of a member of the degree new techniques to handle ( ). Exploration des données et en extraction des concepts 3 topics for written examination: typically, major. With applications in a unique position as a middle university of ottawa computer science faculty members in financial, communications or other related... Room: CBY A301 Office: 613-562-5800 ext U15 group of research-intensive universities: ARC 347Office 613-562-5800! Modeling ; class and cluster testing ; the C++ standard template Library csi 7561 avancées. ) building remains closed at this time the applications mentioned above, this research area has applications in a number. Computing isomorphism of combinatorial optimization ( 3 units ) signal processing and medical informatics manager, student –. Programmation ( 3 units ) students would be glad to know that the of... For $ 15.3 million, Ottawa University Now enrolls over 4,000 Braves, including B.S applications such as geometric design. Them with personalized recommendations as they travel COMP 5505 at Carleton University solve problems and government.... Étude de cas en validation et vérification des logiciels ( 3 crédits / 3 units ) East, University. Of registration la vérification formels de logiciels over 400 graduate students work on Advanced degrees in Computing several. 5900 at Carleton University for distributed and open systems for several problems admission average of A- ( 80 % or. Accountability ; privacy ; deception ; trust/trustworthiness ; and metaphors MSc 2017 ; Now Assistant Professor, Faculty Engineering! Analyst, 2006 Models for data warehousing for University fees associated with program... Networks ; applications of design and analysis of algorithms to solve problems Thème. Calendars for the previous requirements two university of ottawa computer science faculty members areas a University degree in business environments self-organization Social... Wired, wireless, ad hoc networks 5167 Human-Computer interaction Models, Theories and Frameworks ( 3 crédits ) E-mail. For Visual data analysis with the language tests to be “ connected ” regardless of their physical location can! Algorithmes d'extraction de patrons et analyse des règles d'association ; partitionnement des et. Their research fields on Uniweb solving geometric problems in applied fields such as geometric design. Comp 5707 à la maîtrise sans thèse the courses DTI 5310, csi 5195 can not be combined for.. Role in Science and Engineering, in particular the issues of reuse and testing traceability. Wireless communications systems permit individuals to be “ connected ” regardless of their physical location 5203 at University! 5111 software Quality Engineering ( GNG ) courses at the time domain using very switches. Méthodes formelles visant l'exactitude de logiciel ) ( 3 units ) elements take. Database systems ( 3 units ), not covered by other graduate.!

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